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Fast Implementation and Ongoing Support

Installed within 2 Weeks
  • System Installation, Testing, and Validation
Data is Secure & Protected
Ongoing Support
  • Live Support and Detailed FAQs
Ample Data Storage
  • Data Warehouse and Redudancy

Client Implementation Checklist

To ensure a seamless and optimal start-up, the following checklist will speed up the process...

Making the Connection

Connect the wind plant to the EDF RS data collection engine:

  • VPN connection
  • Firewall update to accept the EDF RS' connection

Making the Connection

Input of the necessary static data:

  • Quantity and names
  • Turbines and SCADA software description
  • GIS coordinates of the wind turbines
  • Fault braking list
  • Contractual power curve

Onboarding Implementation and Timelines

As fast as 1 hour

Initial Site Connection and Static Data Collection

2-4 Weeks

Load of the Necessary Data into the EDF RS' Data Warehouse

Calculation and Dashboard Preparation and Review

Customer Account Set Up and Training

Implementation is quick, trouble free and non-intrusive

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