The Story Behind TRUalytics

Designed by Experts

  • TRUalytics is the only intelligent analysis platform that was designed by asset managers, performance engineers and service providers with a unique insight into what is important to renewable industry executives.
  • TRUalytics is a product developed through years of deep industry experience and has undergone extensive field testing.
  • TRUalytics helps provide EDF with a complete end-to-end solution for wind plant operators.

A world leader in renewable energy.

Experience & Expertise

TRUalytics was developed by EDF Renewable Services (RS) which has 25+ years of field service experience and is the leading provider of 3rd party operations and maintenance services for renewable energy power plants.

Innovation & Progress

EDF has long had a culture of innovation and progress, deep long held expertise in clean energy technology and a thought leader in developing smart strategies to distribute clean and reliable energy.

Owner-Operator Approach

EDF RS takes an owner-operator approach across all projects to ensure maximum return on assets and ongoing profitability for new and ongoing facilities.

Designed with results in mind.

Asset Managers

Understand the complete picture near realtime and save time by reducing the need for ad hoc analysis.

Performance Engineers

Address issues in the field quickly and efficiently, make adjustments based on multiple factors.

Owners & Investors

Integrate plan targets with performance reporting and ERP systems to maximize return on assets.

Industry needs are EVOLVING

  • After years of condition based monitoring evolution, the industry is looking for the next generation of productivity innovation applications.
  • Asset owners and managers seek more actionable information to maximize ROI of their wind plant investment.
  • Industry evolution requires faster and smarter reporting of asset performance.
  • Owners are demanding the integration of financial, ERP, inventory and weather forecast data into turbine performance.

Management and technical staff need to identify specific issues and trends affecting performance

  • Proactively managed wind plants will get the most out of their assets – but intelligence is critical; can’t rely on methods of the past.
  • The ability to pinpoint problems and issues quickly to minimize turbine downtime is critically important.
  • More important is to understand overall wind plant performance and trends that can lead to bigger long term issues.

Managing Wind Plant COMPLEXITY

  • Whether it’s the owner of a single wind plant or owners of multiple wind plants, the ability to obtain and compare turbine performance across multiple turbine manufacturers is critical.
  • Asset owners need to be able to predict how their wind plant will perform in order to best deploy O&M resources.

We know the industry better than anyone

  • Powerful, comprehensize and intuitive.
  • Designed to drive intelligent and timely decisions.
  • Developed to improve asset performance and to save time by ensuring information is processed and presented for immediate action.